BitAmp – The Next New Open Source Wallet

BitAmp - The Next New Open Source Wallet

With the recent rise of Bitcoin prices and the Bitcoin halvening, new entrants into the cryptocurrency field may wonder where they can self-custody their Bitcoin in the most secure way.

BitAmp’s Emphasis on Privacy and Security

The developers behind new entrant Bitamp’s Bitcoin wallet have created an easy-to-use client-side open-source Bitcoin wallet to fill this need. The Bitamp wallet allows users to send and receive Bitcoin from anywhere, on any device. The interface also allows users to create new Bitcoin wallets in an instant by writing down a 12 word seed. Users who have generated seed phrases on other platforms such as Electrum, Mycelium, Ledger, can access their Bitcoin anonymously and securely via the Bitamp site.

With Bitcoin’s open source roots, it comes as no surprise that Bitamp’s product was developed as a web based open-source wallet free for everyone. The Company’s developments are funded by donations and the product is released under an MIT license.

With the rise of consumer internet, users may fear that their user data may be exploited when interacting with consumer facing apps. However, Bitamp does not cut corners when it comes to anonymity and security. The company’s operations are performed locally in users’ browsers using javascript and users’ seeds and private keys are never transmitted, stored or saved, leaving users in full control of their Bitcoin.


BitAmp’s Content And Community Support

BitAmp not only contains a wallet interface, but has basic primers on various topics, introducing the novice user to topics such as “Buy Bitcoin”, “Spend Bitcoin”, “Bitcoin Mining”, “Crypto Exchanges”, “Hardware Wallets”, and “Block Explorers.”Although the company is open source, the team seeks to provide basic support to users who may face challenges in accessing the product. The company also will respond to community feedback and bug reports to inform future roadmap developments. For those users seeking a fresh, easy-to-use self custody Bitcoin wallet, Bitamp might be the perfect solution.

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