A new video interview has been launched on Crypto Beadles with Brad Lea, the founder, chairman and CEO of Lightspeed VT. It focuses on a range of topics, from Bitcoin through to personal development.

CryptoBeadles, a YouTube channel focusing on cryptocurrency, information on blockchain, and guides to the market, has launched a new interview video with Brad Lea, founder, chairman and CEO of Lightspeed VT. A number of topics are discussed, from the importance of learning how to sell through to Bitcoin, Ethereum, business growth tips and more.

Brad Lea has built platforms that Grant Cardone, Damon John, Tony Robbins and thousands of others use it every day. During the interview, he discusses a range of topics with Robert, and gives some insight and advice on life and self improvement.

One of the key topics of the video interview is Bitcoin and alternative coins that are popping up all the time, and how to tell whether or not they offer real value. People have to be really careful and aware when they’re giving away their Bitcoin for new concepts.

Crypto Beadles was created for that reason, to educate people on Bitcoin and its alternatives, along with blockchain and the cryptocurrency market.

Robert Beadles, the owner of Crypto Beadles, discusses the Monarch Wallet app that can be downloaded from the App Store and allows anyone to put all their Bitcoin and alternative coins into it, essentially allowing them to become their own bank anywhere in the world.

Brad Lea also talks about how training and developing a team is the single biggest investment that businesses can make, and discusses the best books to read for life improvement and achieving success.

Robert created Crypto Beadles as a platform to educate viewers for free with high quality content on all aspects of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and more. The channel has amassed over 90,000 subscribers in a short space of time, and features interviews with insiders, experts and professionals in all areas of the field.

Full details of the interview can be found on the URL above, with more information available at: http://cryptobeadles.com

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