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A Decade After Lehman Brothers Died: Mises, Satoshi, Bitcoin, and Wall Street Worship

September 15, 2018 brings the post-industrial financial world to a ten-year milestone. Lehman...

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Bitmain’s $50M ‘Permissionless Ventures’ First Project: BCH Dev Con

Cryptocurrency mining hardware giant, Bitmain, is sponsoring a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hackathon in the...

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Huobi ‘Aggressively’ Enters Japanese Market With Plans to Become the Largest Exchange

Crypto exchange Huobi is entering the Japanese market by acquiring a majority stake in one of the...

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Tired of Bank Bailouts and Hyperinflation? Bitcoin Offers Something Different

People often wonder why a cryptocurrency with a limited supply like bitcoin has been gaining...

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Japanese Company Trials BTC and Smart Contracts in Real Estate Transactions

A Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company has built a cryptocurrency settlement platform for real...

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Indian Officials Visit Regulators in Japan, UK, Switzerland to Study Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Board of India has sent officials to Japan, the UK, and Switzerland to...

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