CryptoSlate partners with IntoTheBlock for real-time crypto analytics and market intelligence

IntoTheBlock , a machine learning-driven crypto analytics firm, is to integrate its unique market intelligence into CryptoSlate to bring real-time indicators and signals to users.

CryptoSlate recognizes IntoTheBlock’s (ITB) sophisticated approach to data-driven analysis, which continues to broaden our understanding of the crypto market and the ability to deliver unique and valuable insights to users.

ITB’s Miami-based team, which includes data scientists machine learning specialists, have quickly built out one of the industry’s go-to sources for market analytics. CryptoSlate intends to continue to work closely with the ITB team to refine and develop signals that deliver maximum value to our users.

Overview of the ITB platform

ITB offers rich data analytics for hundreds of cryptocurrencies as well as an overview function, giving users a quick, yet comprehensive, snapshot of how each coin is positioned in the market. The platform incorporates an exhaustive range of variables, from on-chain metrics like the number of transactions greater than $100,000, to fundamental factors like search popularity on Google.

You can now find IntoTheBlock data on all of our 2400+ coin profile pages, including Bitcoin , Ethereum , XRP and many more.

IntoTheBlock Signals and Network Stats on CryptoSlate
IntoTheBlock Signals and Network Stats on CryptoSlate

The platform also digs deeper. In real-time, ITB quantifies unique on-chain metrics including the number of holders of a certain coin currently at a profit or a loss and represents them in a visual format for a clearer picture.

CryptoSlate has leveraged many of these tools to offer its users a more accurate understanding of market trends and the positioning of market participants and draw attention to crucial data points that would otherwise go unnoticed. Over the past few months, we’ve covered proprietary data from IntoTheBlock in a number of articles including:

Bitcoin holders in the money
Bitcoin holders in the money (Source: IntoTheBlock)

IntoTheBlock CTO Jesus Rodriguez commented on the integration:

“With the IntoTheBlock integration, CryptoSlate users will have access to quick data points as well as momentum signals that describe trends in their favorite crypto assets. The data points will offer quick glimpses about the behavior of a crypto asset such as number of investors realizing gains, investors in Asia versus the rest of the world, levels of concentration and many others.”

Per the new integration, a number of IntoTheBlock’s crypto market indicators will become available for CryptoSlate users including momentum signals that turn bullish or bearish based on market data such as “bid-ask volume imbalance” and “network growth.”

More sophisticated data points will also be integrated, for example, the percentage of volume traded each day in Asia versus the rest of the world, giving users another level of insight into market trends.

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