Rick Falkvinge: Imminent Financial Crisis Perfect Opportunity to Convert the Masses to Crypto

Warnings of an imminent financial crisis are in the media more than ever before. But could such an event be the tipping point that puts Bitcoin and cryptocurrency firmly into the mainstream? Politician and tech entrepreneur Rick Falkvinge says it would be the perfect time to finally convert people to crypto. 

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“Storm Clouds Building”

A global financial crisis is imminent – and we’re not prepared, experts have warned. The deputy head of the International Monetary Fund, David Lipton, said in December that he sees “storm clouds building” and fears “the work on crisis prevention is incomplete.” While Janet Yellen, the former chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, has said the loss of authority by banking regulators and a move toward deregulation are also warning signs of another economic disaster. 

A sustained trade war between the U.S. and China could damage the global economy, it has been warned, and the level of global debt has reached record levels. Combined with the risk of leveraged loans and a lack of tools available to deal with a future crisis, it would seem the warning signs are everywhere.

But what would this mean for the crypto-world? Could a crash do the crypto-market any good – as has been seen in Venezuela – or could it see people trying to cash out as quickly by selling their digital assets at the highest possible price?

Make Or Break Opportunity

The founder of Sweden’s libertarian Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, told news.Bitcoin.com that not only is a future financial crisis on the horizon, it will be the “make or break” opportunity to convert the masses to using cryptocurrency. “It’s like watching a mountainside full of wet snow, you can’t tell what’s going to set off the avalanche but you know for sure the avalanche is coming,” he said of the current warning signs.

Since august 15, 1971 [the date of the Nixon shock] the bubble has been inflating. The situation is what we call metastable, it’s kind of like when we have one of the spinning tops. It stays stable for a little while but it can’t stay stable forever.” 

But Mr. Falkvinge, a proponent of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and an evangelist for digital rights, went on to say that the future crash will be the ultimate opportunity to convert the masses to cryptocurrency.

And the crypto world would have to prove that digital currency is of use and a better option than fiat, Mr. Falkvinge added. “We will have to make the case,” he said. “We have to provide the value for it to be a better offering. At the end of the day it’s got to deliver. That’s the point I’m coming to full circle here. At the end of the day a crunch – credit crunch, stock market crunch, housing market crunch – is when we really have an excellent shot at introducing the world to crypto and using it to break free of this nickel-and-diming that’s so prevalent in existing markets.”

He added: “We have to make the case. We have to provide the value for it to be a better offering. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and it’s not coming back. That’s the make or break.”

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